Friday, November 11, 2016


The Pirate Heiress

Written by: Chloe Flowers 
Published by: Flowers and Fullerton 
Release date: Sept 15, 2016 
Read date: Nov 7/8, 2016 
3.5 stars
Set in 1811 

I've been finding a lot of wonderful new-to-me authors lately and Chloe Flowers is one of them.  This is also my first pirate novel and I wasn't disappointed.  
Conal O'Brien is the captain of The Seeker, a merchant ship in the Ahern Merchant Fleet.  He is wildly handsome and charming to boot.  I, as well as Stevie, fell in love with him almost immediately.  Stevie Sauvage and her family take possession of his ship in order to appease her twin brother and sisters kidnapper. They must deliver The Seeker to Jamaica or the children will die.  In an attempt to do this, calamity ensues.  In addition to this they are also trying to find the treasure that her great grandmother, Anne Bonny has hidden away.  There are letters from Anne to her father at the beginning of every chapter which I thought was a nice touch.  Anyhoo, they encounter a nasty storm, a British frigate and booby trapped caves and live to tell the tale.  There is also a lot of comedy relief between Uncle Bernard and Harvey that made me laugh out loud. 
Overall, this book really good.  The characters meshed really well and the storyline really kept my interest with a couple of subplots.  It read well as a standalone as I hadn't read the previous books in this series and they are now on my tbr list.   


  1. I've checked in with this blog periodically because I love historical romance and appreciate the reviews. I'm so honored that my book was actually reviewed here! Thank you so much!