Friday, April 21, 2017

Dark alphas lover Donna Grant

Donna grant dark alphas lover

The 4th installment in the reaper series
Fintan is one of  deaths reapers, with his long white hair and white red rimmed eyes, sets him apart from all fae no matter that he is a reaper to do the bidding of death. Cat is a  fiery green eyed ginger half fae with an act of saying what she feels, and let me tell you I love both of them. In this book Donna does a switch on us that had me screaming I love it....i love it. Oh the feels....  Boths back stories are full of loss, sadness, loneliness and regret but that doesn't stop our hero's from doing there part and finding each other. The added characters from the Dragon King books had me pause took me a second to come to terms with it and I was like oh the feels
This is a absolute must read for any of her fans and new comers I'll just say you will get addicted...

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